Sunday, April 18, 2010

Name that tune!

On a lighter note, our prompt today is to write down at least five songs that have meaning to you or that move you and why they do. This is the music of your life.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Sending Love,

1 comment:

  1. The "Happy Birthday" is actually 2 songs if you think about it. Happy Bday to You and the other is Happy Bday to Me. I like both, It shows friends and family getting together, but I have noticed lately it is "differant" friends and less family as time moves on.

    3. "Imagine" every time I hear it, I think of other possibilities.

    4. "Amazing Grace" I am not lost, it reminds me that I am loved and watch for others that I can be of service.

    5. I call it the "Funny Butt" song. I love being at at shopping mall where a piano or organ store has someone playing outside the store. I go up to them and ask for "Funmy Butt" song...they will look at me oddly (grin) and I will say,,"I am in the mood for love, simply cause you love me, FUNNY BUTT when you love me, I am in the mood for love." Music and Art are my smiles and hugs each day......Thanks.