Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tell Me.... Who Are You?

Our prompt today will require a serious look in the mirror, at ourselves, our values, our gifts, our character and our beliefs.

Most of us have tried to be someone else at one time or another during our life ..we have tried to be something that we are not but that we have admired in someone else..That list could look like this. I wish I was more out going, didn't come on so strong, could speak up, could keep my mouth shut, was Suzy home maker, was a powerful business woman, was artistic, could sing, was taller, was shorter....You get the idea.

By seriously thinking about and writing down who we will be clearer who we are not and it will help us be all that we can be and all that we were intended to be. Everyone has gifts. Often we look at and/or envy others gifts to the point that we do not even recognize our own. What do you love to do? What are you good at?What do you enjoy (activities, type of music etc) What do you believe? What grinds your gears? All of these questions will help you see your own gifts and abilities.

This is not intended to be an exercise in giving up on goals or desires. For example if you are over weight or even underweight...perhaps you CAN do something about that so don't say..."Oh well..that is just who I am". However if you are short..there is really nothing you can do about that and it is just part of who you are.

This should be at least a full page in your journal.

If you have any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you at some point today.

Have a blessed day.

Sending Love,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

decisions decisons

Our prompt today is to reflect on and write about the hardest decision that you have ever had to make. Why was it difficult? If you had it to do over again would you make the same decision?

Have a blissful day everyone!

Sending Love,

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Outlet is.............

We all need an outlet, something that we enjoy, something we can stream energy into, something that will help reduce stress.

Some people exercise, some have hobbies or sports they participate in. There are several other positive outlets.

There are also many not so positive or negative outlets. Some examples are excessive drinking, excessive shopping and excessive eating. When we choose a negative outlet to relieve the stress we are feeling we actually create more stress in the process.

Our prompt today is to write what out outlets or stress busters are. Examine them closely. Are they healthy? How often do you do them. Are you doing them enough?

Have a beautiful Spring day where ever you are.

Sending Love,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One little thing!

Our Prompt today is ONE LITTLE THING. What one little thing can you do this week to help move you closer to one of your goals?

No Goals?

Time to make some. If you really have no goals, start today by writing down one thing you would like to accomplish by the end of April, one thing you would like to accomplish by the end of the year and one thing you would like to accomplish in the next 5 years.

On your mark, get set, go!

Have a fantastic day!

Sending Love,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Through someone elses eyes...

Our prompt today is to look at ourselves through someone elses eyes. You choose the person. How does you husband see you?, your children?, your best friend?, your neighbor?,your boss?, your employees? Obviously all of these people see you the same in many area but differently in some. Write in your journal how you think (your person of choice) would describe you if asked.

Have a sunny day!

Sending Love,

Friday, March 26, 2010

This Weeks Art Journal Prompt



I can't wait to see our interpretation and your art!

The life I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt." Frederick

Today our prompt is to write this quote in your journal. Now think about the people whose lives you touch on a regular basis. What impact do you have? How can your actions, words or the way you treat someone today impact people that they may interact with now and in later years.

We seldom think about the words that come from our mouths and the way we treat others could actually change the the minimum your world and theirs.

I think of children, grandchildren, my mother and my husband as the people I am around most. As parents I think we underestimate the life long impact we can make in the lives of our child (for good or for bad).

Free flow write...(meaning don't stop and think about how it will sound just write what you feel when you think about this subject.

Have a wonderful day!

Sending Love,


Thursday, March 25, 2010

And This Is How I Feel About....

the history making/changing new health bill that has just been passed.


This is for your journal only. We all have an opinion and it is a history making writing a few words on HOW you feel about it and WHY you feel the way you do would be an excellent thing to have on the record.

So if you are happy about this new legislation...write down why and if you are outraged...write that down in detail as well.

Have a happy day!

Sending Love,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out of Your Box!

Time to get out of that box you have been keeping yourself in. You know, the one that protects you, the one that shields you, the one that keeps you for living life to it's fullest!

Your Journal Prompt....

What can you do today that will start the process of getting you out of your box? What are you afraid of? What keeps you from doing the things you want to do such as (Take a class, say no, shed pounds, change jobs... whatever it is)?

Write all of this down. It will help you to recognize where you are at and why.

Don't resist this exercise..remember..If you ALWAYS do what you ALWAYS did you will ALWAYS get what you ALWAYS got! True story!

Have a joy filled day!

Sending Love,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Melodies of Your Life

Our journal prompt today is to write down what our favorite kind of music is. Do you have a favorite kind of music? Perhaps you have a favorite song or maybe you are like me and like several different kinds of music and they all serve a purpose in my life.

When I am doing something physical (exercising, cleaning)I love to have my favorite rock music on in the background, I LOVE Spa music, love to go to sleep to soft or classical music, love music from Broadway , Jazz, Blues and Praise and can listen to that kind of music anytime of any day.

Define in writing how each of the different music types that you like make you feel when you are listening to them.

If you have an all time favorite song..this is also a good day to write what it is and why it is your favorite.

Have a blessed day!

Sending Love,

Art Journal Spotlight by Trish Shoup

Bricks-Your Life Spelled Out by tric66.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Who could you call?

Our prompt today is to write down the person or people that you could call at 2a.m. if you needed them. Write about the relationship you have with that person or persons. I found my list to be small (at least from my point of view).This prompt also helped me define who the people are that I am truly the closest to.

Have a beautiful Spring day!

Sending Love,

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Our prompt today is the question "What was the last brave thing you did"? Write about it and write about why it was brave for you to do it.
I can be something like sharing a secret, letting your guard down, confronting someone or going through chemo. Whatever it is, take a moment to ponder it and to record it.

Have a great Sunday!

Sending Love,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

If I had the power I would.....

If you were given POWER to change one thing in this world..what would it be? That is your prompt for this lovely Saturday.

Your ART JOURNAL PROMPT this week is the word BETWEEN

Technology is very cool. I am writing this post on my flight home..

Have a fantastic day!

Sending Love,

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Believe

The act of writing is the act of discovering what you believe. -David Hare

The more you journal the more you will discover about your true self. We will ask ourselves questions that we seldom if ever take time to ponder.

Our prompt today is simply I BELIEVE. You take it from there.

Have a beautiful and peaceful day.

Sending Love,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a few days away...

Spring is just a few days away. As the trees start to bud and the grass begins to turn green there is always a feeling of new beginnings. A fresh start.

Your prompt today is to write about an area of your life that you would like to have a new beginning in. Is this just a dream? or do you have the ability to make that new beginning happen?

It could be as simple as going back to school or as involved as picking up the phone to try and mend a relationship with a friend or family member that has been weighing for too long! It could be anything at all..after's YOUR new beginning!

Have a day if new beginnings!

Sending Love,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


St Patricks day is very important to many people. It is a time to celebrate their heritage. To others it is not so important. So our prompt today is to write about the day or holiday that is most celebrated in your home and why. If you have special traditions associated with St. Patricks day write them out in detail. If it is another day or holiday that is significant to you, write all about that day.

Have a LUCKY day! (I couldn't help myself)

Sending Love,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Listen to YOURSELF

I think most of us will be really surprised at the end of this day. We will monitor what we say or talk about during the day. Jot down things that you say that surprise you, negative comments, GOSSIP, things that uplift yourself or others and the things you say that bring you or someone else down.

At the end of the day write down how you feel about what came out of your mouth. Any surprises? When I did this exercise I was ashamed and shocked to find that I had gossiped that day as this was something I was positive that I didn't do.Something I do not want to do. It helped me put myself back in check.

You do not need to take your journal with you to do this. Simply fold up a piece of paper and stick in your pocket and transfer the information when you get home.

Please feel free to share anything that you discover.

Have a wonderful day!

Sending Love,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Check

Our prompt today is to write about your physical and mental health. I know that many of you are thinking "give me a break Susan, what a lame prompt". I challenge that. When you think about your health and write down what you are doing to take care of is often become clear that we are not taking care of ourselves. When was the last time you had a physical? What are your eating habits? Do you exercise? Do you have balance in your life? Are you up to date on annual testing for your age (mammogram, pap test etc)? How are you doing emotionally? Overweight? Underweight? Taking time for yourself or is it all work work work? Drinking too much? How are you sleeping? Stress?

Now that you have looked at all of these areas of your life write down what areas you would like to change...and then write down how you can change them.

You will be surprised at how powerful the written word can be.


Sending Love,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did I do that??

Our prompt today is to write a page about your biggest or most significant accomplishment.

It could be being the best parent you could be, completing your Masters or deciding to make a change in your life and then following through with it. It can be ANYTHING at all. What makes it the biggest or most significant is personal.
Write WHY you feel it is the biggest and /or most significant as well.

Have a Excellent Sunday.

Sending Love,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today is the day! and ART JOURANL PROMT

Your prompt today is Today is the day ........ You finish it. For me, today is the day to get back on track with working out .What decision can you make today that will lead you on a positive path?

YOUR ART PROMPT this week is..


As always, I look forward to seeing your art.

Have a beautiful day!

Sending Love,

Friday, March 12, 2010

I am avoiding

Your prompt today is "I have been avoiding........". Write down something you have been avoiding and why. It could be as simple as cleaning your bathroom BECAUSE you do not like to do it or as complicated as Talking over finances with your spouse BECAUSE you are afraid of conflict. Acknowledge that THING you have been avoiding in writing. It is the first step in the right direction.

Have a fantastic day!

Sending Love,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

All and All It's Just Another Brick in My Wall

We all have walls. We have built them over the years to protect us from what we fear might hurt us. Bricks in our walls have many names. Some examples are CRITICAL SPIRIT, SARCASM, OVER EATING, ISOLATION, ANGER, ANOREXIA, BULIMIA, DRUG ABUSE, ALCOHOL ABUSE, ADDICTION OF ANY KIND, TANTRUMS, INTROVERT, SUPERIORITY, LEGALISM and the list goes on and on .

Your prompt today is to name your own bricks. What do you do or say to keep people at bay? To avoid true intimacy with another human being. We ALL have at least one brick. Your brick may not be listed here, but if you think about it I know you will be able to name it.

I am a visual person so I am drawing a wall in my journal and naming the bricks in my wall that way.

Once you have identified the bricks you can start tearing that wall down. What is on the other side?? Freedom.

Have a fantastic day.

Sending Love,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Dinner Party

Your prompt today is to imagine you were hosting a dinner party. What 5 historical figures would you invite and why? Do you have questions you want to ask them? If so, what are they?

Have an outstanding day!

Sending Love,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Your Family Crest

Imagine that you are designing your own family crest.

Today your prompt is to write in your journal what four images you would put on your family crest and why. What do the images represent.

Have a fantastic day.

Sending Love,

Monday, March 8, 2010

I want to Learn to...

Today our prompt is to write down a list if things you would like to learn . If you could take a class and learn how to do anything, what would you choose? It could be as simple as learn to throw things away or as complicated as learn to trace my family history. It is YOUR list.Try to include at least ten things that you would like to learn to do.

I would LOVE it is you shared your list with us by posting a message.

Have a beautiful Monday!

Sending Love,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Design Team Forming

Just wanted to put a shout out for those of you that are scrapbookers. There is a new challenge blog up and running and they are searching for their first design team. Check it out at Scrap That Baby can also be accessed by the link at the bottom right hand side of this page!

What would you do?

Our prompt today is a fun one that requires imagination.

If you were invisible for an entire day, what would you do?
Hmmmm....I will have to think about this one myself!!

I hope your weekend is wonderful. We have had a bit of a break in the cold weather where I live and the sun is shining. Sunshine always makes me feel better.

Sending Love,

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I love the line in the movie As Good As It Gets when the character played by Jack Nicholson expresses gratitude and amazement at the impact of a new friendship: "You make me want to be a better person."

Today your prompt is to write about who that person is in your life. Who makes you want to be a better person?

Friday, March 5, 2010

The War Within ART PROMPT for March 5th

Our Art Prompt for this week is THE WAR WITHIN! Please share your work by posting it in our flickr group (link at bottom right of the page).

If you would like to join the flickr group send me an email at and I will send you an invitation.

I can't wait to see what you create!


Last week our Art prompt was Inside Out which prompted me to think of inner beauty. Today your writing prompt is to think of what Inner Beauty means and then write about the most beautiful (Inside) person that you know. Why do you feel they are beautiful inside? What traits do they exhibit that you would like to mirror?

Have a BEAUTIFUL day! Inside and Out!

Sending Love,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

If you always....

If you ALWAYS do what you ALWAYS did, you will ALWAYS get what you ALWAYS got!!!

I know how it feels to promise myself that THIS TIME it will be different, yet do nothing to change the situation, circumstance or myself which in turn ultimately set myself up for failure.

Our prompt today is to examine an area of our life that we feel personally defeated in. Perhaps a habit, or (spending, eating, drinking, yelling, fill in the blank) too much. Or perhaps it's apathy you fight. Write it down. Now look at everything that prompts you to do these things.WRITE IT DOWN. What could you do to help yourself make the change that you want? Write it down.

Example. If you have a challenge with eating too much sugar yet always have plenty of sugar loaded things in your cupboard or fridge..perhaps not buying anything with sugar would help you to cut down or eliminate it from your diet. The kind of behavior that seems to set us up would be to say.."I am cutting down on my sugar intake" and yet buy all of the same sugar laden food and bring them into our house with the PROMISE to yourself that you will just eat less of them and that is how you will cut down......Right?

You get the idea.

Remember, If you always do what you always did you will WITHOUT A DOUBT always get what you always got.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Sending Love,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's experiment!

Today we will do an experiment on the sincere compliment. Yes, you read that right.

Today sincerely compliment your spouse, significant other or family member. Do it in a matter of fact way. An example would be..(to a spouse)" I love the way you look in that shirt".(to a child) "You are such a wonderful helper.Thank you for picking up your toys". (to your mom)"No one makes pot roast like you do mom. Whenever I make pot roast for dinner I think of you"

You get the idea..

Now here is the experiment part. See how they react. You will be amazed! When I had a group of women I was mentoring do this for their husbands you would not believe the reactions they received. One of the women (that was experiencing a particularly difficult time in her marriage) told her husband as he was walking out the door that she had always loved his eyes and how she felt when he looked at her with them. He stopped abruptly and said "what did you say"? He either couldn't believe she said it or NEEDED to hear it again. He hugged her and stayed home instead of going back into the office.

The point I am driving home this week is that we ALL NEED WORDS OF AFFIRMATION. We all need to know we are important to someone and that we are loved. We all ARE..but often the everyday stresses of life leave us feeling drained and depleted. A SINCERE compliment can be just the vitamin B shot your loved one needs to get going again.

SO YOUR PROMPT IS..Give a sincere compliment to a family member and write down what the compliment was and how they responded to it.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Sending Love,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a little Love and Appreciation!

I ran across the following story and knew that this would one day be the catalyst prompt for this group. We all need and (crave) love and appreciation and to know there is at least one person out there that thinks we are special. This story illustrates the power of words, the power of kindness and the power of love.

Your prompt for today will be at the conclusion of the story.

One day a teacher asked her students to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name.

Then she told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down.

It took the remainder of the class period to finish their assignment, and as the students left the room, each one handed in the papers.

That Saturday, the teacher wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper, and listed what everyone else had said about that individual.

On Monday she gave each student his or her list.

Before long, the entire class was smiling. "Really?"
she heard whispered. "I never knew that I meant anything to anyone!" and, "I didn't know others liked me so much." were most of the comments.

No one ever mentioned those papers in class again.

She never knew if they discussed them after class or with their parents, but it didn't matter. The exercise had accomplished its purpose.

The students were happy with themselves and one another.

That group of students moved on. Several years later, one of the students was killed in Vietnam and his teacher attended the funeral of that special student.

She had never seen a serviceman in a military coffin before. He looked so handsome, so mature. The church was packed with his friends.

One by one those who loved him took a last walk by the coffin.

The teacher was the last one to bless the coffin.

As she stood there, one of the soldiers who acted as pallbearer came up to her.

"Were you Mark's math teacher?" he asked. She nodded: "yes."

Then he said: "Mark talked about you a lot."

After the funeral, most of Mark's former classmates went together to a luncheon. Mark's mother and father were there, obviously waiting to speak with his teacher.

"We want to show you something," his father said, taking a wallet out of his pocket. "They found this on Mark when he was killed. We thought you might recognize it."

Opening the billfold, he carefully removed two worn pieces of notebook paper that had obviously been taped, folded and refolded many times.

The teacher knew without looking that the papers were the ones on which she had listed all the good things each of Mark's classmates had said about him.

"Thank you so much for doing that," Mark's mother said. "As you can see, Mark treasured it."

All of Mark's former classmates started to gather around.

Charlie smiled rather sheepishly and said, "I still have my list. It's in the top drawer of my desk at home."

Chuck's wife said, "Chuck asked me to put his in our wedding album."

"I have mine too," Marilyn said. "It's in my diary."

Then Vicki, another classmate, reached into her pocketbook, took out her wallet and showed her worn and frazzled list to the group. "I carry this with me at all times, " Vicki said and without batting an eyelash, she continued: "I think we all saved our lists."

That's when the teacher finally sat down and cried.

She cried for Mark and for all his friends who would never see him again.

The density of people in society is so thick that we forget that life will end one day. And we don't know when that one day will be.

So please, tell the people you love and care for, that they are special and important.

Tell them, before it is too late...

Your prompt today is to write in your journal at least one person that you know that you need to show love and appreciation to. As the letter illustrates, written words can be treasured for a lifetime so write that person a note or a letter . Then write in your journal how it made you feel. When (if) you here back from them, write what their response was.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Sending Love,

Monday, March 1, 2010

COURAGE to change

There is a poem that goes like this..

God grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things I can not change, COURAGE change the things I can AND the WISDOM to know the difference.

Do you know the difference between the THINGS YOU CAN NOT CHANGE and THINGS YOU CAN CHANGE??

Your prompt today is to examine the things (areas) in your life that you would like to change, write them down. Now decide realistically what you can and what you can not change. Write ways you CAN change those areas you want to..Now you have a plan.

No Peace or Acceptance of the things you can not change? Try the above prayer and add your own words to it. I pray daily for peace that transcends understanding.

Have a fantastic day!

Sending Love,