Thursday, March 4, 2010

If you always....

If you ALWAYS do what you ALWAYS did, you will ALWAYS get what you ALWAYS got!!!

I know how it feels to promise myself that THIS TIME it will be different, yet do nothing to change the situation, circumstance or myself which in turn ultimately set myself up for failure.

Our prompt today is to examine an area of our life that we feel personally defeated in. Perhaps a habit, or (spending, eating, drinking, yelling, fill in the blank) too much. Or perhaps it's apathy you fight. Write it down. Now look at everything that prompts you to do these things.WRITE IT DOWN. What could you do to help yourself make the change that you want? Write it down.

Example. If you have a challenge with eating too much sugar yet always have plenty of sugar loaded things in your cupboard or fridge..perhaps not buying anything with sugar would help you to cut down or eliminate it from your diet. The kind of behavior that seems to set us up would be to say.."I am cutting down on my sugar intake" and yet buy all of the same sugar laden food and bring them into our house with the PROMISE to yourself that you will just eat less of them and that is how you will cut down......Right?

You get the idea.

Remember, If you always do what you always did you will WITHOUT A DOUBT always get what you always got.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Sending Love,


  1. AMEN & AMEN ... i choose to learn this one the hard way!! enjoy this snazzy day! ;)

  2. UGH...Repeat from Monday...Courage to know the difference.