Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Check

Our prompt today is to write about your physical and mental health. I know that many of you are thinking "give me a break Susan, what a lame prompt". I challenge that. When you think about your health and write down what you are doing to take care of is often become clear that we are not taking care of ourselves. When was the last time you had a physical? What are your eating habits? Do you exercise? Do you have balance in your life? Are you up to date on annual testing for your age (mammogram, pap test etc)? How are you doing emotionally? Overweight? Underweight? Taking time for yourself or is it all work work work? Drinking too much? How are you sleeping? Stress?

Now that you have looked at all of these areas of your life write down what areas you would like to change...and then write down how you can change them.

You will be surprised at how powerful the written word can be.


Sending Love,

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  1. Every few months after running myself ragged, my body just gets real ailment, just sick. I spend about 2 days in bed sleeping to wake up fine. It's like overload and my body says "i will force you to stop".