Thursday, March 11, 2010

All and All It's Just Another Brick in My Wall

We all have walls. We have built them over the years to protect us from what we fear might hurt us. Bricks in our walls have many names. Some examples are CRITICAL SPIRIT, SARCASM, OVER EATING, ISOLATION, ANGER, ANOREXIA, BULIMIA, DRUG ABUSE, ALCOHOL ABUSE, ADDICTION OF ANY KIND, TANTRUMS, INTROVERT, SUPERIORITY, LEGALISM and the list goes on and on .

Your prompt today is to name your own bricks. What do you do or say to keep people at bay? To avoid true intimacy with another human being. We ALL have at least one brick. Your brick may not be listed here, but if you think about it I know you will be able to name it.

I am a visual person so I am drawing a wall in my journal and naming the bricks in my wall that way.

Once you have identified the bricks you can start tearing that wall down. What is on the other side?? Freedom.

Have a fantastic day.

Sending Love,


  1. Intense prompt. I am really inspired by this one!

  2. I'm following Susan's lead and doing a a visual and I will post it on Flickr.