Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's experiment!

Today we will do an experiment on the sincere compliment. Yes, you read that right.

Today sincerely compliment your spouse, significant other or family member. Do it in a matter of fact way. An example would be..(to a spouse)" I love the way you look in that shirt".(to a child) "You are such a wonderful helper.Thank you for picking up your toys". (to your mom)"No one makes pot roast like you do mom. Whenever I make pot roast for dinner I think of you"

You get the idea..

Now here is the experiment part. See how they react. You will be amazed! When I had a group of women I was mentoring do this for their husbands you would not believe the reactions they received. One of the women (that was experiencing a particularly difficult time in her marriage) told her husband as he was walking out the door that she had always loved his eyes and how she felt when he looked at her with them. He stopped abruptly and said "what did you say"? He either couldn't believe she said it or NEEDED to hear it again. He hugged her and stayed home instead of going back into the office.

The point I am driving home this week is that we ALL NEED WORDS OF AFFIRMATION. We all need to know we are important to someone and that we are loved. We all ARE..but often the everyday stresses of life leave us feeling drained and depleted. A SINCERE compliment can be just the vitamin B shot your loved one needs to get going again.

SO YOUR PROMPT IS..Give a sincere compliment to a family member and write down what the compliment was and how they responded to it.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Sending Love,

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  1. This is going to be an exciting challenge.