Friday, July 9, 2010

What dreams have your turned your back on?

An important person in my life quit last night. He went from king to someone with the reputation of giving up on a dream in a single moment. He broke hearts and made others angry for giving up.

The ramification of this single act will haunt him forever and will wipe out several years of being king. He probably will need to move to another state. I know he had no idea this would happen. His decision to quit was life changing for him.

When we quit, the ramifications are not usually that dramatic. Or are they ? When you quit or give up on your dream isn't it life changing? If you just stay the course (even when you are weary) and never give up or quit , think about how different your life could be.

Our prompt today is to think about times in your life your have quit. Maybe you had a list of resolutions and by March you had given up on all of them..EVERY YEAR!, maybe you have started to lose weight several time and gave up and the result is you still need to lose weight, maybe you quit school, collage or another dream. Whatever it is..write it down. Now if this is still a dream or a goal of yours write it down today. Commit to it. DON'T Quit, Don't give up on yourself or those around you. Write a plan that will help you reach your goals and dreams.Share here what your dream/goal is and that will really put your commitment to yourself and your dream out there and you will be even more accountable. I dare you!


from Sarah Elliott . Sarah is this months guest designer and she is incredible.
I will post more of her work(art) here next Friday for all to enjoy. Look back to last Friday and Saturday's post for some of Sarah's art and her bio!

The prompt is Something New…

Art Journal about something ‘New’ to you. Maybe a new attitude, new hobby, new object in your house… anything ‘New’ to you.


We have reached 327 so you know what that means.I committed to a give away every time we grew by 25 so it is time for another give away. You are going to LOVE this one. I will post a picture of it on Sunday. How do you become eligible?? All you need to do is post a comment here (starting today) or recommend this blog to someone and have them mention that you sent them here when they post a comment. How easy is that?

Have a day filled with dreams that come true!

Sending Love,
The winner will be randomly chosen and will be announced next Friday.


  1. I had been trying to lose weight for over 6 years. Each year I would write out a list of goals...heck every MONDAY I would write out a set of new goals...only to QUIT by Wednesday or so.

    Last April, my husband and I committed to losing weight. I set out a pair of my fave jeans that I hadn't worn in YEARS.

    As of today we have been reaching our goal!! I put those pants on a few days ago!! They are still a bit uncomfortable...but I put them on. I have lost 15 pounds and my hubby has lost 25!!

    It feels so good to not quit. That has allowed me to begin pursuing my other dreams. One of them is my art!! I am so happy:)

  2. I have been working on losing weight for 4 years. I started when I got to 170. I am 140 now and hope to get down to 135. :) It feels good to have a size 10 feel too big!