Friday, July 16, 2010

Priorities Part 2

Now that you have written out your priorities (the way they look right now at this time in your life), think about ways that you can make sure that your actions reflect your priorities. Do you have challenges in this area of your life? What are they?


Our guest designer this month will soon be getting married. Here is our own Sarah Elliotts prompt for this week.

Something Borrowed…

We all do it… we ‘Borrow’ a phrase, an Art Technique, an opinion... and make it ours. What have you ‘Borrowed’?

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We have reached 327 so you know what that means.I committed to a give away every time we grew by 25 so it is time for another give away. The give away this time is a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, Archivers, JoAnn Fabrics or Starbucks (your choice)! How do you become eligible?? All you need to do is post a comment here (starting today) or recommend this blog to someone and have them mention that you sent them here when they post a comment. How easy is that? Yes you may post daily and be eligible for as many times as you post or as many times as someone says you recommend them.Our winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, July 23rd.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. I am in the process of setting some new priorities. In the summer I become a bit lax about certain areas of my life. While I love it I am always ready for the fall...feels like a New Year to me!! I need to sit down and really think about my priorities and what I can begin doing RIGHT NOW to work on them. Again...thanks for your prompts. They are always good ones:)

  2. Sounds fun. All I need are MORE books from Barnes and Noble. lol I'll have my sister come and check it out.