Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At The End Of The Day

Tonight, after your day has ended and you are ready for bed, take a few moments and meditate on your day. Did your words and actions reflect the person you want to be?Think about the words that came out of your mouth. Were you negative,critical,judgmental,perverse? Is that really who you want to be? Do you owe anyone an apology? Did you make wise choices? Did you do anything to move towards a goal you may have or a project you are working on? Did you do anything at all for someone else or was it all about you today? Write all of this in your journal.

GOOD NEWS..we wake up each morning with a new day. If we get into the habit honestly looking at ourselves on a regular basis it will change your life...PROMISE!


We have reached 327 so you know what that means.I committed to a give away every time we grew by 25 so it is time for another give away. The give away this time is a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, Archivers, JoAnn Fabrics or Starbucks (your choice)! How do you become eligible?? All you need to do is post a comment here (starting today) or recommend this blog to someone and have them mention that you sent them here when they post a comment. How easy is that? Yes you may post daily and be eligible for as many times as you post or as many times as someone says you recommend them.


  1. posted a comment on your page...lol...getting all bumfoozled....anyway...love this one

  2. well, i prefer NOT to be the person of wasteful wanting cuz no good can come from me thinking or doing or saying according to my own wanton, humanly flawed reasoning, BUT instead, i choose obedient behavior in the life force God would have me be which glorifies Him and has eternal value! ;)

  3. Thanks for the prompt and giveaway - I am trying to be a person of peace and encouragement even when those around me are NOT!

  4. I have to say I absolutely love how you make us slow down to stop and think. Sometimes that is just what we need to see who we really are...