Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tough Stuff

Don't you just hate when someone holds you accountable for your actions?

Well, if you REALLY hate it you better stop reading now.

Do you like to blame others for ____________ (fill in the blank)?

Did you know that what your weight, your attitude, your bad habits, your lack of discipline, the way you treat others, your procrastination, your perfectionism, your addiction to ANYTHING, your shopping are ALL YOUR PROBLEM!!!

NO ONE makes you do or not do any of those thing.

I know, your thinking "How dare you, you don't know my circumstances", or," I HAVE to keep sweets in the house for my husband and he knows I can't resist them so it is his fault that I have a weight problem", or, "You would have a bad attitude towards men too if you had been through what I have been through", or,"Well if you knew the way she treated me you would understand why I act that way towards her".

Sorry...It is still all on you! Don't BLAME others for your life. It is not their life it is yours! The good new is, IT IS YOURS. You have the power to change the things about yourself that you do not like!

SO...our prompt today is to honestly look at what in our lives we have been blaming others for. You will never change your situation if you do not own it.

I know this is a tough one. It was very difficult for me too. I promise I will go easy on you over the weekend!

Have a peaceful day!

Sending Love,


  1. I have always had a dream of writing and working with other novelists. By working these prompts, I have gotten the courage up to do something with this dream. It is still in its infancy so I don't want to share too much yet. But I wanted to tell you that I am grateful for your influence. Thanks Susan!!

  2. I love your thought provoking blog!!