Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What are you thinking?

What are you thinking about today? Did you know that what you think about directly impacts how you feel and your mood? I am a real believer of What Goes Into Your Mind Comes Out In Your Life. Garbage In=Garbage Out! Positive and Uplifting Stuff In=Positive and Uplifting Stuff Out.

So toady as we revisit this topic take out your journal and write down the books you have read so far this year, the movies you have gone to, your favorite recording artist and the television shows that you love. Now using the above paragraph as your guide, what kind of things do you think your are filling your mind with? How do you think this has an impact on your life?

I promised we would have a give away every time our followers increased by 25 and we have grown once again. We are up to 355 total followers...SO..
I will be giving away a gift certificate once again. You will have your choice of what gift certificate you want from the four following choices..Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Hobby Lobby or Kohls. All you need to do for a chance to win is to post a comment on the blog or invite someone to join the blog and tell them to post a message saying you sent them. How easy is that?!


Sending Love,


  1. I am thinking about my art, my blog, my wonderful family and how truly blessed I am!!:)

  2. I am thinking about how wonderful it is that we have the internet with which to share our art and with which to learn and be supportive with one another!