Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Look at all the Hurting people

where do they all come from??

Today I want you to get you journal out and write down people you know (or have never met) that are hurting in anyway you can think of. Need inspiration? Turn on the news or pick up a newspaper. Now write down something you can do to help one or many of the hurting . If you choose to follow through , write down the details. If you choose NOT to, write down why.

Are you involved in service or charity work? What made you choose this charity or this line of work? Post a message on this post and share your story. I will randomly pick one person at the end of the day to receive a beautiful journal.

Here is one of the charities I am involved in. I started Project Ed Bear with my son Ede 16 years ago (he was 11 then) when we discovered he had bone tumors.


Have a blessed day!

Sending Love,

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  1. When I realized I had a love for paper...and also art and crafts...I put them together. But what was I to do with them?...It became clear that it did not matter what so much as why. I wanted to help others...uplift them with all the words... that seemed to uplift me. So quiethearts card was born. I try to uplift with my art...on journals...and uplift with the quotations I use. But I needed to include God somehow....everyday. Well, I started including a verse on every book or work...but I was not always selling....so the Word was not getting out.... I realized I needed to just simply state the Word from the Bible...and realized I had the greatest of all mediums...the computer. So, I began with facebook and my blog. Tentatively at first..."softening the blow" if you will and yet....began to realize...it was not my word...but God's. Say it like it is...folks will just have to take what they want from it themselves....and if they delete it? Their choice...always....never mine