Monday, August 16, 2010

Remeber This Homework Assignment?

Do you remember when you were assigned to bring in a newspaper article on a story or event in the newspaper and tell about it or write about it?

Today we are going to look online, or in your local paper or on your television news and find a story that captures your attention. Write in your journal what the story is and how you feel about it. What made you pick that story or article? If you do get it from a newspaper or magazine..cut it out and place it in your journal as well.

Have a lovely Monday!

Sending Love,

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  1. Hi Susan!
    I am new to your blog, and just had to stop by and tell you how therapeutic it has been for me. I had always journaled, and then gotten away from it, due to life-circumstances. However, I couldn't have been directed to your blog at a more poignant time in my life. You have provided the much needed inspiration & motivation to begin daily journaling again!
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the content you provide here - I am blessed to have found you!
    Many blessings....