Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The choice is yours!

Everyday we have the opportunity to make many choices that will directly impact the way our day unfolds. Maybe we hit a traffic jam on the way to work. We can be angry and have an immediate sour attitude or we can relax knowing that no matter how angry we are or how much we vent this is really a situation we have no control of. Depending on the choice we have made we will arrive at work calm and ready to start the day or angry and ready to vent and tell everyone about your traffic jam so you can add stress to their day as well.

Our prompt today is to write down a few times that you had choices to make , what they were and how you think it created the day that you had.

have a great day!

Sending Love,

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  1. I love this. You are so write. WE are the ones that make our lives good or bad. WE hold the key to our own happiness!!

    Have a great day, Susan!