Monday, September 13, 2010


The pursuit of simplicity is a common goal of many of our readers.

Your prompt today is to list at least five ways you can simplify your life. Now write how you intend to implement them into your life.

Learning to say no is one of the ways I have been simplifying my life this year. I was just asked to be on another fund raising committee for The Veterans Memorial (a wonderful cause) and since my husband is a local politician, community involvement at this level is almost an expectation. However, I am learning my limitations the hard way. I already am on two Boards and plan and execute a dinner/auction each year for pediatric oncology patients through our Children's Hospital. This is in addition to being wife, daughter (I am blessed to have my mother live with us), mother (of 5) and Nana of (3). My plate is full so I said NO! An amazing achievement for me!

Your turn. Pick up your pen!

Sending Love,

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