Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ready To Get Started Again?

Thank you to all of you that have emailed me with your thoughts and concerns. I really appreciate your understanding in my week long absence. I am posting a prompt for each day that I was gone on this post. Thank you again for all the love.

Thursday (last week)

Today we will reflect on forgiveness in our life . Is there anyone you have not forgiven? How do you think your peace relates to your unforgiveness?


Mind, Body and Spiritual Health

Today we will focus on our mental health. How healthy do you feel? Are you depressed(I do not mean clinically), angry all the time, anxious, worried, pessimistic, mean, edgy, unhappy, constantly complaining? How would a friend describe you. How do you think that you mental health effects your physical and spiritual health?


Write down the sentence Where your mind goes your body follows.Write down what it means to you. List an example in your own life that comes to mind!


Since we are studying the relationship of Minda Body Spirit, we will revisit this statement WHAT GOES INTO YOUR MIND COMES OUT IN YOUR LIFE!!
Time to check ourselves again. What are you putting into your mind? What are you reading, watching, listening to or participating in?


Today we are move on to BODY. So, how are you taking care of yourself? How are you eating? Are you exercising? Time for self examination. I will share with you from my own experience. I have been sick too often this year AND I had not been taking care of myself at all. I made a drastic life style change and decided to fast by going macrobiotic for 40 days and to also commit to exercising everyday. I didn't really know how badly I was feeling until I started feeling good again. It has been so long since I woke and and really felt good that is was foreign to me.
NOT recommending that you make a drastic change, but I am challenging you to commit to making one or two small changes for 40 days and see what a difference it makes in your life.


So what changes did you commit to yesterday? How are you going to stay on track? You need to have a plan and write it down. Do you need to share with someone so they can support you during this process?


Name the absolutely worse thing for your body that you eat. How often do you do this?

Name the one food that you never want to give up.


Good news! you do not have to give up your one food . It is all about moderation. Decide if having this once a week will be enough. For example, if you say I never want to give up sugar in any form. Decide what that looks like to you and write it down.

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