Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Our 5 year old grandson was with us for nine days recently. On our last day as I was driving him to school I said "I know you are really excited to see mom and dad and go back home and see your toys" to which he replied "but Nana, I just want to have fun and they make me do other stuff sometimes"!

Wow..I can relate. I really want to have down time, create art, work on my charity, spend time with my husband but there is always that pesky work thing. I find that all work and no play really does make me a cranky girl.

The key is balance. There must be a balance . So..take out your journal and write down the area of your life that are in balance and the areas that are not. Now write down what you can do about that.

Have a wonderful day.

Sending Love,

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