Monday, February 7, 2011

(Saturday) So what off your list do you LOVE to do?

Today we will look at the list of skills and things we are good at that we made yesterday and will will make a new list from the original one of the things that we love to do AND we will also make a list from the original list of things we don't now like to do.

For example, on my skill set list would be the following two things:


I LOVE to write. I am good at Networking but Love it?? Not so much!

After you have made your list look at the list of things that are in your skill set or that you are good at that you do not like to do and see what, if anything off that list you can eliminate.

For example, if your skill set and perhaps job involves number crunching but you do not like it and would rather be connecting with people..maybe you need to consider changing careers.

This is just a self discovery exercise. Don't get too worked up over it.


1 comment:

  1. in tracking my list, history & goals, i have discovered that i am good @ organization & encouragement. as it turns out, i really enjoy everything about organization, BUT, in my humble opinion, being the encourager develops alot of one-sided, toxic relationships. on the other hand, being the encourager prompts me to lean on God more & more & more. it's all to glorify Him anyway!! :)