Thursday, December 30, 2010


Before we get started take time to think about the reason you are journaling. It will help to direct you as you write or create.
There are so many reasons to jouranl. We journal for our health, for our mental health, for creativity, for release of stress, to heal our wounds, to document our lives for future generations, to SHOUT SHOUT get it all out, for self exploration, to find out what holds us captive so that we can break free. What ever your reason for journaling in 2011 I welcome you with open arms.

Please send me a note or post a comment when you have your journal ready and are ready to begin.Remember a journal can be anything from paper stapled together to a store bought blank book. We will start on January 1st of 2011. It will be easy to catch up if you miss a day or a few days by simply looking in the archive post.


I am busy getting organized for you. I will let you know what that means on the 30th.


  1. I am ready!! I am using a blank covered composition journal. My plan is to collage it as that year goes on, based on feelings, thoughts, breakthroughs, wishes, etc. 2010 turned out to be quite challenging, like you I lost people dear to me. I truly know what it feels like to have a "broken" heart. What I also know is that we are resilient and strong and we survive to keep their memories, character and qualities alive. Its a precious gift to be able to do that and carry on. Thank you Susan and I look forward to our journaling journey.

  2. I am also using a composition journal.

  3. I am ready, will probably use on of the many notebooks lying around. I even think I might have a composition journal. My problem is if I think to hard about what I am going to use, I get frustrated and not use anything. Looking forward to this journey.

  4. I am going to decorate a composition journal. I am an English teacher so I use them for everything!!! ;)So excited to get started for 2011!! Thanks Susan for providing such great prompts!!

  5. i am ready for this 2011 journaling opportunity via my sketchbook ;)