Thursday, March 24, 2011

3/20 She's An Uptown Girl

I always loved Billy Joels rendition of Uptown Girl..I remember hearing it as a very young girl and thinking to myself.."what kind of girl am I"? The songs lyrics gives us a bit of a character sketch of this uptown girl.

For our prompt today we will write a entry that gives a bit of a character sketch about you.

What does that look like?

Here is a little example:

She loves theatre, musicals, watching basketball, being creative, sitting by the ocean,New York City,good food, good music, God, her husband and her family

She is put off by narcissism and mean spirited people.

She is now considered an uptown girl but lived most of her life as a downtown girl and has experienced life on both sides.

You obviously can get way more detailed and I did but that was just a few lines from my own journal.

I would LOVE to have you post and share anything you write on this subject. This is always one of my favorite prompts. It really makes you think about who you are.

Have a beautiful day!

Sending Love,

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