Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who Are You?

Today we will start a journey into the authentic self. For years I lived my life with the goal of pleasing everyone around me. I did this to the point that I woke up one day and wondered who I really was, what I really liked to do, what I really wanted to do.

I decided right then that I would not people please my way through life again.

I started my journey back by asking myself "If I could take a year and do anything I REALLY WANTED TO DO, without responsibilities or in regards to others needs and wants what would I do? What does that year look like?

That your journaling homework for today.

I want you to free flow this (Write without thinking too deeply) just write the first things that come to you and continue until you have nothing left to say. DO NOT WRITE AS IF OTHERS WILL READ IT. This is a very private journal entry.

Sending Sunshine and Love,

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